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Managers - Get Approved


You know that your attendance at the NADA Show 2018 is critical to your career and growth in the industry. Successful dealers and managers attend NADA Show, which is why you should be there as well. Network and learn from hundreds of key members of the auto industry, as well as vendors, manufacturers and expert speakers, all in one place. In a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to demonstrate the benefits of the Show in order for you to get approval to attend. 

ResearchResearch. Look through the schedule, workshop sessions and exhibitor listings. Be sure to stress the number of educational opportunities, and innovative products and services from more than 500 industry exhibitors. 

CalculateCalculate the expenses. Add up the registration, hotel, flight, food and local travel, but be sure to factor in all of the discounts—such as early bird registration, low-cost NADA hotel options, and NADA ground and air travel savings—and point these out to your supervisor. . 

PresentPresent the Return on Investment. Create a sound business case to justify your participation. Illustrate specifically what the dealership will receive in return for its investment. For example, you could bring back ideas to increase productivity and profitability, or find ways to solve key issues at your dealership. You could also get one-on-one feedback—from exhibitors and other attendees—about new products and services for the dealership. Download the NADA Show 2018 brochure for managers to show your boss the details on workshops, franchise meetings, Expo floor, networking events and more.

Red No 4 Circle 150x150Go in for the Pitch. You can use the letter we’ve outlined for you (download it here) or make your request verbally. Remember to focus on all the positive benefits—practical training, discounted rates/travel and limited time away from work. 

What if your supervisor says...

1. “I can’t have you gone for so long.”  This year’s NADA Show runs from Thursday-Sunday. Reassure your supervisor that you’ll have your cell phone with you the entire time and, if there’s a problem, you’ll step away. Work comes first and you’ll of course have access to complimentary WiFi within the Convention Center should you need to connect with your dealership.

2. “There is no room in the budget for this year.” Good thing you asked early, because the Convention is not until March 2018. Perhaps you can front the cost now and get reimbursed in the new year? Your hotel room charges won’t come through until you’ve checked out on the last day of NADA Show 2018.

3. “Let’s talk about this in a couple months.” You can agree to this, but stress that the registration fee will go up after Nov. 17, and that you will want to save as much money as possible by registering early.

Once you've attended the NADA Show and find that it was everything you imagined and more, what happens next?

1. Transfer notes. There is a good chance you’ve got copious notes from your time at the NADA Show. Transfer them someplace where they’re all together, easily accessible and shareable.

2. Clarify primary takeaways. You may have been overwhelmed by the abundance of important information from workshops, general sessions and networking with your peers. Take some time to write down your primary takeaways and action items on which you'd like to follow up.

3. Check social media. Go to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and search for the #NADAshow hashtag. Preform an “audit” by favoriting or copying/pasting social posts and moments that inspired you the most, which you can also share with your boss and colleagues.

4. Share it. Commit to a post-convention briefing for senior management and your team, where you’ll highlight what you’ve learned from the conference. Tie in what you’ve learned to your dealership’s specific challenges, goals and strategic plans.

5. Strengthen relationships. You probably made quite a few new contacts that can be added to your network. Share ideas and solve issues together after you return home from Las Vegas. Email, call and add them to your professional network.

6. Continue shopping the Expo floor. Just because the show is over doesn’t mean the savings have to be. The 2018 Expo is available all year by visiting the website and looking for the "Continue Shopping the Expo Floor" link.