NADA Show | NADA Show Schedule

NADA Show Schedule

All NADA activities will take place in the Las Vegas Convention Center unless otherwise indicated.

Las Vegas Convention Center 

3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

To view a printable version of all NADA Show 2018 events, plus details on workshops, franchise meetings, Expo and more, click here

7:30am-6pmExhibitor Registration, Halls C2, N2
9am-6pmAttendee Registration, Hall N3
10:30am-noon Meet NADA: Convention Orientation, N245-247
1pm-2pmConcurrent Workshops, Studio & Exchange
1pm-2:45pmSuper Session - Leveraging the Digital Giants: Google, Facebook and Twitter, N112-114
2:30pm-3:30pmConcurrent Workshops, Studio & Exchange
2:30pm-3:30pmDistinguished Speaker Series - Heliotropic Leadership, Harry Cohen Ph.D., N115-117
3:15pm-5pmSuper Session - Leveraging the Digital Giants: Google, Facebook and Twitter, N112-114
4pm-5pmConcurrent Workshops, Studio & Exchange
5:30pm-7:30pmNADA Welcome Reception co-hosted by J.D. Power, Wynn Las Vegas, Lafite Ballrooms 4-9 (optional ticketed event)
8pm-10pmNADA Academy Alumni & NextGen Reception, hosted by NADA Academy, NADAPAC & Legislative Affairs, Wynn Las Vegas, Intrigue (by invitation only)
7:30am-5pm Exhibitor Registration, Halls C2, N2
7:30am-5pmAttendee Registration, Hall N3
8:30amExpo Hall Ribbon Cutting, Lower Central Concourse
8:30am-5pm Expo Hall & Lifestyle Experience Open, Halls C1-C5; N1-N2
10:30am-11:30am Concurrent Workshops, Studio & Exchange Sessions
10:30am-11:30amDistinguished Speaker Series - Culture that Rocks, Jim Knight, N115-117
10:30am-11:45amDealer Franchise Meetings: Acura (N262-264), Audi (N249-251), FCA (Westgate, Pavilion 9-11), Mazda (N260), Nissan (N245-247)
2:30pm-4pm Opening General Session, featuring Nick Saban, plus the Time Dealer of the Year presentation, Hall N4
7:30am-5pmExhibitor Registration, Halls C2, N2
8am-5pmAttendee Registration, Hall N3
8:30am-5pmExpo Hall & Lifestyle Experience Open, Halls C1-C5; N1-N2
8:30am-9:45am Dealer Franchise Meetings: BMW (N249-251), Buick-GMC & Chevrolet (Hall N4), Ford (Westgate, Paradise North), Honda (Westgate, Pavilion 9-11), Kia (N260), Volkswagen (N262-264)
9am-10am Concurrent Workshops, Studio & Exchange
10:15am-11:30am Dealer Franchise Meetings: Cadillac (N245-247), INFINITI (N260), Lincoln (Westgate, Paradise North), Mercedes-Benz (N256), MINI (N249-251), Porsche (N258), smart (N256), Subaru (N262-264)
10:30am-11:30amConcurrent Workshops, Studio & Exchange
10:30am-11:30amDistinguished Speaker Series - Game Plan for Success, Joe Theismann, N115-117
1pm-2:30pm Women Dealers Event, Wynn Las Vegas, Lakeside (optional ticketed event)
3pm-4:30pm General Session, featuring John Krafcik, Hall N4
7:30am- 4pmExhibitor Registration, Halls C2, N2
8am-4pmAttendee Registration, Hall N3
8:30am-4pmExpo Hall & Lifestyle Experience Open, Halls C1-C5; N1-N2
9am-10:15amInspirational Session, featuring Robert O'Neill, Hall N4
10:45am-11:45amConcurrent Workshops & Studio
10:45am-11:45amDistinguished Speaker Series - The Relevance Revolution,Mark O’Neil, N115-117
10:45am-noon Dealer Franchise Meetings: Hyundai (N262-264), Lexus (N245-247), Mitsubishi (N260), Toyota (N245-247), Volvo (N258)
12:30pm-2:30pm Desserts on Us; compliments of NADA, NADA Expo Hall, Central 1-5 & North Halls 1-2
1pm-2:30pm Specialty Workshop - Unleash Your Inner Superhero, N114
4pm2018 NADA Convention & Expo closes