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**The 2019 Call for Workshop Proposals is Now Closed**

Welcome to the 2019 NADA Show Call for Workshop Proposals submission site. The deadline to complete your submission is 11:59 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 1.

Click “Submit Proposal” and log on or create a login. If you are submitting on behalf of a speaker(s), you should create a login and speaker profile. Please provide the speaker’s direct contact information.

Choose Your Workshop Focus:

All NADA workshop topics that meet the needs of our automobile dealer audience will be open for consideration and reviewed by our NADA Workshop Selection Committee.

*Note: For ATD, please visit the ATD Call for Workshop Speakers page.

Tips for the submission process:

Workshop Title:  Workshop titles should not exceed 60 characters (including letters and spaces). Participants should be able to discern the content from the title. Avoid titles that start with “A,” “How to,” or “The.” Verbs should be present tense, not present participle, e.g., “Create” not “Creating.” NADA reserves the right to revise all workshop titles.

Your Proposal In order for the Workshop Selection Committee to give your proposal proper consideration, include the following:

Workshop Synopsis:

  • Clearly state in 150 words or fewer the content that will be covered in the workshop.

Comprehensive Workshop Description:

  • Provide a complete overview of your workshop, expanding on what you listed under “Workshop Synopsis.”

Intended Audience:

  • State your target audience for this workshop.

Presentation Activities

  • Explain the learning techniques you will use in your presentation to connect with your audience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide brief, clear specific statements of knowledge attendees will gain from the workshop. Define specific tasks using relevant verbs. Do not use verbs that are difficult to measure objectively, such as “understand” or “know.” Use verbs such as identify, define, list, interpret, classify, calculate, formulate, apply, solve, prepare, operate, plan, repair, explain, implement, or estimate.


  • List any source references for your workshop presentation, such as books, white papers, websites or case studies.

Presentation Format:  Most workshops are presented by a single speaker, with a maximum of two. Panels have a maximum of four speakers including the moderator.

Select Workshop Track:  Select the appropriate track for your workshop; indicate “ATD” if your content is for a commercial truck-specific audience or “NADA” if car-related. Refer to the tracks below when developing your proposal and topic.

  • Dealer/Executive
  • Digital & Traditional Marketing
  • Legal & Regulatory
  • Employee Recruiting, Hiring & Retention
  • Fixed Ops (includes Parts)
  • Variable Ops (includes Sales)

Add Speakers:  Please make sure all speaker profile information is accurate. You must include ALL speakers on this proposal or your submission will be incomplete. Complete the required fields, including a short biography of the speaker. Indicate if the speaker has presented at previous NADA events (Convention Workshops, NADA webinars, seminars, or NADA 20 Group meetings). Please also upload a high-resolution photo of the speaker in JPEG format. 

If you are entering more than one speaker, click on “Add New Presenter” once the first speaker name is entered.

Upload Video Link:  Create a video (90 seconds or fewer) and briefly show the presenter(s) outlining critical workshop takeaways for participants. The video submission is one of the most important items that will determine whether or not the Workshop Selection Committee accepts your proposal.

Submit Proposal:  The next screen will be a summary of each section. Any incomplete sections will be noted. If all sections are complete, click “submit proposal.” You will be able to print a copy of the submission for your records and you will receive an email confirmation of receipt.

The Workshop Selection Committee will meet in June, and all prospective workshop presenters will be notified with a decision in July.

Important Note for New Speakers:  As a new presenter, we want to be sure you are prepared for a successful workshop.  If you have not previously presented an NADA or ATD Convention workshop, and your proposal is selected, a feedback session will be scheduled with you and an NADA team member.  This will be an opportunity for our subject-matter and learning experts to provide your perspective on the relevance of the content, the presentation and learning tips to best address the audience. The feedback session will take place online via Adobe Connect.  

Good luck with your submission, and thank you for your interest in becoming a 2019 NADA Show Educational Workshop speaker!

Shana Gipson, DES
Head of Educational Workshops | Dealership Operations
National Automobile Dealers Association