NADA Show | 2019 Distinguished Speaker Series

2019 Distinguished Speaker Series


Our most popular leadership-focused education session format is back! Learn how to take your business to the next level by attending our Distinguished Speaker Series. Four dynamic keynote speakers go beyond the traditional workshop departments to discuss key topics:

  • Leadership
  • Dealership culture
  • Team building
  • Personal and business success

Thursday, Jan 24 • 2:30pm-3:30pm

Carey LohrenzFearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck
Carey Lohrenz, USN 1st Female F14 Pilot, Aviator, Author, Speaker

As the U.S. Navy’s first female F-14 fighter pilot, Carey “Vixen” Lohrenz learned what it takes to win in one of the highest-pressure situations imaginable. In an intensely male-dominated environment, she absorbed vital lessons in leadership that she later took into the corporate world. Lohrenz is highly qualified in the fundamentals of leadership, teamwork, winning under pressure, reducing errors and overcoming obstacles; she will inspire your team to higher levels of performance.

About Carey Lohrenz
Carey Lohrenz knows what it takes to win in one of the highest pressure, extreme environments imaginable: in the cockpit at Mach 2. The first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, and best-selling author of Fearless Leadership, High Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck, Lohrenz has flown missions worldwide as a combat-mission-ready pilot, in fast moving, dynamic environments where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results. Through these experiences, Lohrenz identified a fundamental truth: high-performing teams require fearless leaders and continuous collaboration.

Friday, January 25 • 10:30am-11:30am

Alan HaigPreparing Today for Tomorrow’s Auto Retail Evolution Dale Pollak
Alan Haig, President, Haig Partners
Dale Pollak, Founder, Executive Vice President, vAuto / Cox Automotive

The convergence of mobility and vehicle ownership models will affect new-vehicle sales volumes, the size of the franchised dealer network and individual stores, the value of your real estate, and the nature of the sales and services dealers provide. Get next-step prescriptions to create an acquisition strategy that will drive the growth and scale necessary to thrive in tomorrow’s car business or help maximize your return on investment with the right buyer.

About Alan Haig
Alan Haig is president of Haig Partners, which specializes in advising sellers of higher value dealerships and dealership groups. Haig was previously senior vice president of Corporate Development at AutoNation, where he led dealership acquisitions and divestitures. He has been involved in the purchase or sale of more than 225 auto, truck and RV dealerships with a value of over $3.5 billion.

About Dale Pollak
Dale Pollak's career in the automotive industry spans four-plus decades. As a new-car dealer, technology entrepreneur and best-selling author, Pollak has helped successful auto dealers make dramatic improvements in their used-vehicle operations. Pollak pioneered the Velocity Method of Inventory Management™, which aims to maximize used-vehicle profitability using market metrics. In 2005, Pollak founded vAuto Inc., which in 2010 was acquired by the AutoTrader Group acquired vAuto. Pollak now guides strategic product development/integration for vAuto and other Cox Automotive companies.

Saturday, January 26 • 10:30am-11:30am

Mark KingCreate an Environment That Allows Creativity
Mark King, Executive Emeritus, Adidas

The secret to future success isn’t merely improving on what you’ve done in the past, but creating things the world has never seen before. Mark King tells his story of transforming Adidas’s culture in America, creating new energy and enthusiasm by recognizing employees not just as doers, but as thinkers. In today’s world, he emphasizes, consumers look forward, not backward, so businesses must constantly reinvent themselves by engaging their people to encourage creativity.

About Mark King
Mark King led two successful turnarounds at two global sports companies. As president of Adidas North America, Mark doubled market share in under three years and tripled sales in four, generating new energy for the company’s culture. King had already catapulted the TaylorMade business, growing it from $300 million to more than $1.7 billion in sales during his time as president and CEO.

Sunday, January 27 • 10:45am-11:45am

Dr. Rick RigsbyMaking an Impact
Dr. Rick Rigsby, President and CEO, Rick Rigsby Communications

Despite today’s instant information, rampant social networking and other technological advances, cultural critics say that society has never been more shallow in communication or superficial in appearance. In fact, Dr. Rick Rigsby argues that for many organizations, appearance—or “impression”—has become the new corporate wardrobe. Here he will share the wisdom of past generations to help inspire, motivate and empower you to make an impact rather than an impression.

About Dr. Rick Rigsby
Dr. Rick Rigsby is a USA Today, Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-selling author who became an internet sensation when his speech on hope was viewed by more than 200 million people worldwide. An internationally recognized motivational speaker with engagements spanning the globe, Dr. Rigby’s audiences include Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 companies, service organizations, educational institutions and professional sports organizations, including the NFL and PGA. He is a former award-winning journalist, college professor and football character coach at Texas A&M University.

Sunday, January 27 • 1pm-2pm

Bill RancicFrom Apprentice to Visionary: How to Innovate in Business and Life
Bill Rancic, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Restaurateur, and First Winner of NBC’s The Apprentice

From starting a boat wash and wax business while in college to running a million-dollar company and restaurant empire, Bill Rancic adopted strategies that rejected conventional wisdom. He was able to separate himself from the pack while crafting a personal and professional brand that has established him as a household name. Rancic shares takeaways to help attendees increase return on investment, improve market share and reap the benefits of a more productive, motivated workforce.

About Bill Rancic
Entrepreneur Bill Rancic considers himself both a teacher and a student of business and is obsessed with what makes great companies and leaders tick. During nearly two decades learning from the success of others, Rancic has authored four books, including You’re Hired: How to Succeed in Business and Life, which examines how some companies and leaders can make the leap to superior results, and the enduring classic Beyond the Lemonade Stand, which teaches young people the value of money and empowers them to pursue a positive self-image.