NADA Show | NADA Show Schedule

NADA Show Schedule

All NADA activities will take place in the Moscone Center, unless otherwise indicated. The show will have programming in all three buildings, Moscone South, Moscone North and Moscone West.

Moscone Center 

747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA  94103

8am-6pmExhibitor Registration and Move-in, Moscone North Lobby; Moscone West Lobby, Level 2 (Satellite)
9am-6pmAttendee Registration, Moscone West Lobby, Level 1
10:30am-noon Meet NADA: Convention Orientation, Moscone West, Rooms 3006W-3008W
12:15pm-2pmSuper Session - Disrupting Your Market with Google, Facebook and Twitter
1pm-2pmConcurrent Workshops & Exchange
2:30pm-3:30pmConcurrent Workshops & Exchange
2:30pm-3:30pmDistinguished Speaker Series - Fearless Leadership: High-Performance Lessons from the Flight Deck, with Carey Lohrenz, Moscone West, Rooms 3006W-3008W
4pm-5pmConcurrent Workshops & Exchange
5:30pm-7:30pmNADA Welcome Reception co-hosted by J.D. Power, San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Yerba Buena Ballroom, Salons 7-8 (optional ticketed event)
8pm-10pmNADA Academy Alumni & NextGen Reception, hosted by NADA Academy, NADAPAC & Legislative Affairs, Press Club (by invitation only)
8am-5pm Exhibitor Registration, Moscone North Lobby; Moscone West Lobby, Level 2 (Satellite)
7:30am-5pmAttendee Registration, Moscone West Lobby, Level 1
8:30amExpo Hall Ribbon Cutting, Moscone South, Lobby Level
8:30am-5pm Expo Hall & Lifestyle Experience Open
10:30am-11:30am Concurrent Workshops & Exchange
10:30am-11:30am Distinguished Speaker Series - Preparing Today for Tomorrow’s Auto Retail Evolution, with Alan Haig and Dale Pollak, Moscone West, Rooms 3006W-3008W
10:30am-11:45amDealer Franchise Meetings (Moscone South): Acura (Rooms 152/154), Audi (Room 151), FCA (Rooms 301-304), Mazda (Room 153), Nissan (Rooms 306-308)
2:30pm-4pm Opening General Session - Be a Leader of Innovation and Progress: How to Iterate, Adapt and Succeed Faster, with Kat Cole, Pls the Time Dealer of the Year presentation, San Francisco Ballroom South
8am-5pmExhibitor Registration, Moscone North Lobby; Moscone West Lobby, Level 2 (Satellite)
8am-5pmAttendee Registration, Moscone West Lobby, Level 1
8:30am-5pmExpo Hall & Lifestyle Experience Open
8:30am-9:45am Dealer Franchise Meetings (Moscone South): BMW (Room 153), Buick-GMC & Chevrolet (San Francisco Ballroom), Ford (Rooms 155-160), Honda (Rooms 302-304), Kia (Room 151), Volkswagen (Rooms 152/154), Volvo (Rooms 305/309)
9am-10am Concurrent Workshops & Exchange
10:15am-11:30am Dealer Franchise Meetings (Moscone South): Cadillac (Rooms 306-308), Infiniti (Room 151), Lincoln (Rooms 155-160), Mercedes-Benz/smart (Room 301), MINI (Room 153), Porsche (Rooms 305/309), Subaru (Rooms 152/154)
10:30am-11:30amConcurrent Workshops & Exchange
10:30am-11:30amDistinguished Speaker Series - Create an Environment That Allows Creativity, with Mark King, Moscone West, Rooms 3006W-3008W
Noon-1:30pm Women Dealers Luncheon, St. Regis San Francisco (optional ticketed event)
1pmADESA Charity Auction, Moscone South, Booth #621S - Live auction of Yahama Drive Series Golf Cart. Proceeds to benefit NADA Foundation Canine Companions for Independence.
3pm-4:30pm General Session - Dana Carvey Live!, with Dana Carvey, San Francisco Ballroom South
8am- 4pmExhibitor Registration, Moscone North Lobby; Moscone West Lobby, Level 2 (Satellite)
8am-4pmAttendee Registration, Moscone West Lobby, Level 1
8:30am-4pmExpo Hall & Lifestyle Experience Open
9am-10:15amInspirational Session - A Patriot’s Calling: Leadership, Teamwork and Sacrifice, with Maj. Dan Rooney, USAF, San Francisco Ballroom South
10:45amMaj. Dan Rooney, USAF Book Signing in the NADA Pavilion, Booth 801S
10:45am-11:45amConcurrent Workshops & Exchange
10:45am-11:45amDistinguished Speaker Series - Making an Impact, with Dr. Rick Rigsby, Moscone West, Rooms 3006W-3008W
10:45am-noon Dealer Franchise Meetings (Moscone South): Hyundai (Rooms 152/154), Mitsubishi (Room 153), Toyota/Lexus (Rooms 306-308)
Noon-2pm Desserts on Us; compliments of NADA, Moscone South Lower Level, Moscone North Lower Level, Moscone West Level 1
1pm-2pm Distinguished Speaker Series - From Apprentice to Visionary: How to Innovate in Business and Life, with Bill Rancic, Moscone West, Rooms 3006W-3008W
4pmNADA Show 2019 closes--Expo move out begins