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Official Contractors

Exhibitor Scam Notice

ALERT:  Avoid imposter or scam websites claiming to provide housing services on behalf of NADA for the 2019 NADA/ATD Shows. Experient ( is the one and only official housing provider, and can only be accessed via NADA's and ATD’s official Show sites via and Also be aware of email or other communications from vendors and contractors offering assistance in the host city. These communications may wrongly suggest that the company is endorsed by or connected with NADA. If you have any questions, contact us. The Official Show contractors are listed below.

  1. eventLink (Formerly CCR Events) (Computer Equipment)
  2. Experient (Lead Retrieval)
  3. Experient (Housing - Exhibitor & Attendee)
  4. Freeman (General Service Contractor)
  5. JVA, Inc. (Models/Hostess)
  6. Marshall Robinson & Associates (Security)
  7. National Plant & Floral, Inc.
  8. Oscar & Associates (Photography & Video)
  9. PSAV (A/V)
  10. (Exhibitor Liability Insurance)
  11. Savor...San Francisco (Exclusive Caterer at the Moscone Center)

Fair Guide, Construct Data, ExpoGuide – These Companies Are Not Affiliated with NADA

    NADA has no business relationship with these companies. NADA does not supply exhibitor data to these entities, and registration for the NADA Show does NOT obligate any exhibitor to make payments to them.

    Hotel Solicitations

    There are many travel companies and fraudulent websites that try to present themselves as being an official part of the NADA and ATD Shows.  They are NOT.  They frequently offer attractive prices for familiar hotels but be aware that these offers are not guaranteed by NADA and may be untrue. Experient is the only official provider of housing for the NADA and ATD Shows.  Be careful in dealing with other housing providers! 

    Attendee Lists

    NADA Exhibitors are frequently targeted by companies unaffiliated with NADA, offering attendee lists from the "NADA Show 2019" and/or variations on the NADA name or logo.  Please be aware that these companies have nothing to do with NADA or the NADA Show.  The attendee mailing lists for the show are only available directly from NADA and all confirmed exhibitors have access to those lists.

    Please use caution when dealing with solicitations from companies that are not on this list of Official NADA Contractors.

    Contact us at or 703.821.7141 if you have any questions.