NADA Show | NADA Expo Specialty Booths

NADA Expo Specialty Booths

*New for 2020* – First-time Exhibitors Showroom, Hall C2

First time exhibitors showroom

This year, new-to-the-Show exhibitors, vendors and technologies will be together in one special area of the Expo floor, so you can check out the latest developments in one easy-to-navigate space. See what’s new, now, and next in the auto industry from top companies catering directly to dealers’ needs. 

NADA Live Stage, Lower Central Concourse

NADA Show Live Stage

The NADA Live stage is the news and media hub of the show and features live interviews with OEM execs and Show speakers, presentations and panels addressing trends and emerging issues, and live streaming of Show events. Come see what all the buzz is about!

Live Stage Hours:

Friday, February 14 – 9am-6pm
Saturday, February 15 – 8:30am-5pm 
Sunday, February 16 – 8:30am-5pm
Monday, February 17– 8:30am-2:30pm 

Social Connection Zone, Booth 3437C 

NADA Social Connection Zone

This interactive booth, hosted by NADA, features daily social media learning sessions, interactive discussions and rapid charging stations. With one-on-one access to experts, this space is designed for attendees to get all of their digital marketing questions answered.

Social Connection Zone Hours:

Saturday, February 15 - 8:30am-5pm
Sunday, February 16 – 8:30am-5pm
Monday, February 17– 8:30am-2:30pm 

Social Connection Zone Breakout Sessions

people_alt  2020 Digital Trends for Dealers 

The business of social media changes on a daily basis. To which platforms should dealers pay attention? What has changed with the digital channels that you’re already using? What trends should be watching? This session, filled with real world examples, highlights the latest social media marketing trends and provides you with tips on how to leverage them for your dealership and stay ahead of the competition with things like online chat, retargeting ads and ad trends, video marketing and choosing the right social platforms. 

Saturday, Feb. 15 – 9am
Sunday, Feb. 16 – 10am
Monday, Feb. 17 – 11am

people_alt  Digital Megaphones: Embracing Your Biggest Supporters

Referrals are important to any dealership's marketing initiatives. The internet is filled with opportunities for customers to share their experiences - the good, the bad and the ugly. This session will discuss how to leverage superfans and local and community influencers who will sing your praises. We will discuss ways to increase positive reviews, how to handle negative reviews and who should be responding when a customer isn't happy.

BONUS: 15-minute interview with HondaPro Jason to discuss superfans and what's practical for a dealership vs an OEM.

Saturday, Feb. 15 – noon
Sunday, Feb. 16 – noon

people_alt  The Management of Digital Marketing

So much has changed over the last decade as it relates to social media and digital marketing. Who should be running your programs? What should be handled by employees and what makes sense to outsource? This session will discuss how to build a team and what questions should dealers ask when hiring. We will discuss:

  • Reports You Should Expect and Questions to Ask 
  • Factors in Building a Budget
  • Who Should be Customer-facing
  • Who Should Manage Reviews
  • How to Integrate All of Your Marketing
  • And More

Saturday, Feb. 15 – 1pm
Sunday, Feb. 16 – 1pm
Monday, Feb. 17 – noon

NADA Pavilion, Booth 3236C

NADA Pavilion

Learn about the great work that National Automobile Dealers Association is doing for you and your dealership every day. NADA Pavilion will showcase all the association’s member services including our first-rate 20 Group Program, Legislative and Regulatory work on behalf of dealers, the NADA Academy and more.

Pavilion Hours: 

Saturday, February 15 – 8:30am-5pm 
Sunday, February 16 – 8:30am-5pm
Monday, February 17– 8:30am-2:30pm 

Exclusive NADA Dealer/Manager Lounge, Booth 901C

Exclusive NADA Dealer Manager Lounge

More than 50 percent of dealers who attend NADA Show bring two-to-five employees with them. With so much to do and see in the Expo hall, dealership teams need a place to take a break, grab a cold beverage and review and adjust their plan of action. This new lounge, hosted by NADA, is designed exclusively for dealers and their buyer teams to do just that. All NADA and ATD dealers and their management teams are welcome to reboot and recharge in the Exclusive NADA Dealer/Manager Lounge.