NADA Show | Understanding Call for Speakers Proposals

Understanding Call for Speakers Proposals

Need more information on how to craft your NADA Show 2021 workshop proposal? Here are three examples of proposal summary submissions that were selected to become actual workshops at NADA Show. 

Notice in each video, there are three important components that make a good submission:

  1. An energetic, engaging workshop description 
  2. An outline of critical workshop takeaways (what attendees will learn)
  3. An original video submission for NADA Show 2021 or ATD Show 2021 (not a generic proposal for any event)

NADA Show 2021 proposed topics:

Fixed Operations

  • Service Advisor Pay Plans Based on Achieving Door Rate 
  • Critical Operational Info from Your 100 RO Survey 
  • Find, Hire and Retain Technicians
  • Tips for Parts Matrix Pricing
  • Digital Marketing for Fixed Ops

Human Capital

  • Engage Your Employees
  • Attracting Employees in the Digital Age
  • Job Descriptions That Attract the Best Talent
  • Employee Retention Plans That Attract Talent 
  • Coaching for Retention: Engage Your Team 
  • Technology to Maximize Productivity
  • Effective Career Paths for Your Team
  • Build an Effective Benefits Package


  • Attracting Women to Leadership Roles in Auto Retail
  • Get Your Technicians Up to Speed on Electric Vehicles
  • Sustainable Leadership for Large Dealer Groups
  • Navigating the Waters with Unions
  • Develop and Implement Management Training and Development 
  • Change Management Tools for Leaders
  • *Just Added* Crisis Management and Recovery


  • Back to Basics: Non-Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Google Analytics Simplified
  • Non-Traditional Revenue Streams: Reinsurance, Insurance and Data
  • Hold Your Vendors Accountable: Analyze Raw Analytics

Variable Ops

  • Managing Inventory Levels to Avoid Being a Storage Lot
  • Creative Ways to Acquire Used Inventory
  • Implementing Criteria for Stocking New Vehicles 
  • Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Customer Database

Legal and Regulatory

  • NADA Legal and Regulatory Specific Topics (will vary based on timeliness and priority)

Digital Super Track

  • Website Design 101 
  • Know Your Audience: Google Analytics
  • Make Your Dealership Relevant Online
  • Build Customer Retention with Facebook Live
  • Gaining Competitive Market Data

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