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Exhibitor FAQs

Your safety is our top priority.  Please visit our Safety & Security page for the most current information on what steps and procedures are being put into place to keep you safe during the NADA Show 2021 in New Orleans.

Booth space applications are now being accepted for NADA Show 2021. A 25% deposit is required with applications submitted by September 15.  Applications submitted after September 15 must include a 50% deposit. You may submit the deposit via credit card, ACH or by check. If paying by ACH or check, payment must be received within 10 days of the application date for your booth space application to be processed. Applications & deposits must be received by July 10, 2020 to qualify to be included in the first round of assignments based on a list of criteria outlined below:

  • Total number of priority points accumulated by applicant (Note: Up to three Priority Points can be earned each year by way of (1) applicant's exhibit booth, (2) booking hotel rooms within the NADA block, and (3) participating as a sponsor)
  • Date of receipt of application & deposit
  • Size of space
  • Degree of dealer interest in applicant's product(s) and/or service(s)
  • Established business relationship with NADA or NADA Services Corporation (NADASC)
  • Percentage of similar services or products in entire show
  • Geographic market served by applicant
  • Applicant's product and/or service reputation among dealers
  • Number and validity of dealer complaints against applicant
  • Length of time applicant has been in operation
  • Financial and credit standing of applicant where available

Applications & deposits received after July 10 will be subject to availability and processed by date of receipt only. NADA has sole and unlimited discretion over the assignment of booth location and space. Exhibitor understands that the preferences in display areas listed on the application/contract for booth space may not be available and that Expo Management may assign alternate areas of similar size - see section 6 of the Contract Terms & Conditions

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Booth space cost is $34 per square foot. A 25% deposit of the total cost is due upon submission of your application if submitted before September 15, and a 50% deposit of the total cost is due upon submission of your application if submitted after September 15. The remaining balance due is payable on or before December 4, 2020. Applications received without the required deposit will not be processed, and may adversely affect your booth assignment. Full payment must accompany applications submitted after December 4, 2020.

Cost of space does not include the following: rigging or machinery moving, unpacking, erection or repacking of displays, utilities (i.e., electrical, water, gas, compressed air, telephone, booth decoration, furniture, carpet). Exhibitors may order these services from the official show contractor, Freeman, through the online Service Kit.

If NADA does not accept Exhibitor's application for a reason other than non-payment or cancellation by Exhibitor, NADA will refund any deposit paid to NADA by Exhibitor for the 2021 Expo.  In the current COVID-19 environment, should the NADA Show be cancelled exhibitor will be refunded by NADA for booth payments previously made minus $3,400 for Exhibitor's virtual listing.

Exhibitor agrees to pay the following amounts as liquidated damages, and not as a penalty, in the event Exhibitor cancels or downsizes its Contract in the time periods specified. Cancellation or space reduction on or before September 15, 2020 - 15% of the full exhibit rental price; cancellation or space reduction after September 15 but on or before December 4, 2020 - 25% of the full exhibit rental price; cancellation or space reduction after December 4, 2020 - 50% of the full exhibit rental price. Any cancellation or space reduction notices by Exhibitor must be submitted to NADA in writing, and will be effective when received by NADA.

In the event that an Exhibitor's booth is assigned after the final payment date of December 4, 2020, and the Exhibitor desires to cancel the contract or secure a smaller space size, the Exhibitor may qualify for a partial refund by submitting a written notice of cancellation or space reduction within 10 business days from their booth assignment date.  Upon receipt of the written notice of cancellation or space reduction, the Exhibitor shall pay a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the total exhibit rental price.  If the contract is cancelled or space reduced by Exhibitor at any time after 10 business days following the booth assignment dates, the Exhibitor shall pay a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the total exhibit rental price.

A booth cancellation after an order for an eBooth upgrade will cause automatic cancellation of any eBooth listing and any eBooth upgrades purchased.  Refunds will be made of eBooth fees paid minus a $25 cancellation fee and an additional $200 cancellation fee for each floor plan logo or video purchased. 

Please review Section 7 of the Contract Terms & Conditions.


7.1 Exhibitor agrees that the space assigned to Exhibitor is intended for Exhibitor's sole use to exhibit only the goods or services described in Exhibitor's application. Exhibitor agrees that it will not share, assign, sublet, subdivide, apportion, or otherwise allow any persons, parties or entities other than Exhibitor to use in any manner the space assigned to Exhibitor, or any portion of that space, without submitting a written application to NADA. Such application shall idenify by name any potential Co-Exhibitor, describe the relationship between the primary Exhibitor and Co-Exhibitors, and detail the Co-Exhibitor's products and services to be exhibited.

7.2 A Co-Exhibitor may exhibit on the Expo floor only after the exhibitor receives written approval from NADA for such activity. Approval by NADA of the Co-Exhibitor(s) application shall also entitle the Co-Exhibitor(s) to be listed on the website (including the eBooth upgrade enhancements), in the Show Directory, to accumulate seniority points, and to participate in the NADA sponsorship and advertising program.

7.3 The primary Exhibitor shall be responsible for all actions of the Co-Exhibitor, including the compliance by the Co-Exhibitor with these Contract Terms & Conditions and the Exhibit Rules & Regulations. Any determination by NADA that an Exhibitor or Co-Exhibitor violates this Section 7, will be final and binding, and may be treated by NADA as a default under Section 17 of the Contract. NADA reserves the right to request documentation from Exhibitors and Co-Exhibitor to confirm any business relationship.

Hanging identification signs & graphics will be permitted to a maximum height of 20' (from the floor to the top of the sign). You must have at least 400 sq ft of space in an island or peninsula configuration.  Linear (in-line) booths may not have hanging signs as part of their display.

Hanging sign requests WILL NOT be reviewed without ALL the following information:

  • Hanging Sign Request Form
  • Hanging Sign Labor Form
  • Structural Integrity Statement
  • Hanging Truss & Chain Hoist (if applicable)
  • Design Drawing/Rendering, including height, width, weight and placement 

Once your sign is approved by NADA, your paperwork will be sent to Freeman for review.

Please note:  Your hanging sign will not be approved until signed off by both NADA and Freeman.

NADA requires a minimum of 200 sq. ft. of space for each vehicle displayed within a booth. Companies who want to display vehicles must submit a Display Vehicle Reporting Form to NADA Show Management by December 4, 2020. The Display Vehicle Reporting Form will be available in the online Service Kit. Vehicle move-in and move-out will be coordinated by the show’s official service contractor, FREEMAN.

Work rules vary from one city to another.  In New Orleans, exhibitors may hand-carry materials into the convention center.  The use or rental of dollies, flat trucks and other mechanical equipment; however, is not permitted. Freeman will control access to the loading docks in order to provide for a safe and orderly move in/out. 

As an exhibitor, you may choose to utilize your full time employees to set up and dismantle your exhibit. Any labor services that may be required beyond what your regular full time employees can provide, must be rendered by the local. Labor can be ordered in advance by returning the Display Labor order form, or on show site, at the Freeman Service Desk.

All companies are required to submit a Floor Plan Reporting form and a rendering of your booth, regardless of booth size. The Booth Floor Plan Reporting Form is available in the online Service Kit. There is a separate form required for companies who have an Enclosed or Multiple Story booth design. The due date to submit your floor plan and Floor Plan Reporting Form is November 18, 2020. 

Please note: Written approvals are not provided.  If we see a possible issue with your layout, we will contact you directly.

ALL outside contractors, such as I&D companies, design houses, production companies, technicians, models, entertainers, are considered exhibitor-appointed contractors (EAC). An exhibitor-appointed contractor is any company other than the designated official contractors named by NADA that provides a service, (i.e., display, installation/tear down, models, entertainers, florists, photographers, audio visual, and/or their subcontractors), that needs access to your exhibit any time during the installation, show dates or dismantling of the 2021 NADA Expo. NADA Show Management will deny access to the floor to any company or person in this category not complying with the exhibitor-appointed contractor requirements. We will grant NO EXCEPTIONS on-site.

The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Request Form is due to show management by December 4, 2020 and will be available in the online Service Kit.

The Exhibitor Service Kit has all the necessary forms for planning your exhibit.  The online exhibitor service kit will be available in early September. If you need assistance, you may contact us at 703.821.7141 or

Exhibitors may have alcoholic beverages in their booth. However, all alcohol orders must be made through the official Food & Beverage vendor, Centerplate. Order forms and contact information are provided in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

Exhibitors must notify NADA Show management in writing no later than 12Noon on Thursday, January 21 if they cannot take possession of their booth by that time. If no prior notice is given, and the Exhibiting company does not take possession of the assigned space by 12Noon on January 21, NADA has the right to cancel Exhibitor’s contract whereby the booth space reverts back to NADA Show Management. See paragraph 6. Assignment/Relocation and Possession of Exhibit Space in the Contract Terms & Conditions.

Pre-show and post-show mailing lists will be available online ( in the Exhibitor section to confirmed exhibitors only. You can download the lists by logging in with your company password provided in your booth space confirmation letter. Pre-show lists will be made available monthly beginning in November and will only contain mailing addresses.  We are not authorized to release email addresses.

Each exhibiting company is entitled to FOUR (4) complimentary exhibitor badges for every 10x10 booth rented (100 sq ft), up to a maximum of 60 badges per booth.

 Example: 10'x10' = four (4) badges
  10'x20' = eight (8) badges
  20'x20' = sixteen (16) badges

Additional exhibitor badges may be purchased if needed.

Exhibitor housing is open to all confirmed exhibitors. Once your booth has been assigned, the primary contact will receive an email from Experient, NADA's Registration & Housing company, with instructions and a link to book your hotel rooms and register your booth personnel for exhibitor badges. 

Please be sure to make a safe email address.

The NADA Show Services Dept. can assist you in securing hotel space for a hospitality event during the NADA Show. For more information, please contact them directly at (703) 821-7143.

Be aware that hospitality space will be limited, and based on availability. Space will not be confirmed for any event outside of the convention center during Expo hours (Friday, 8:30am-5pm; Saturday, 8:30am-5pm; Sunday, 8:30am-2:30pm). Space reservations will be confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis.

For information regarding scheduling press conferences at the NADA Show, please contact NADA's Public Affairs at


Ample parking is available at the convention center for a daily fee.  Click here to view a map of available parking.

Please Note: Overnight parking is prohibited.

    Your Exhibitor Badge will not allow you entrance into the Education Sessions during the NADA Show. Exhibitors who wish to attend Education Sessions may register in the Exhibitor w/education category. The fee per badge is $625. Exhibitor registration will open on August 10 to all confirmed exhibitors.

    Yes, children under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times within the convention center and on convention center property. Registration for children is complimentary and must be done onsite. All children, except infants in backpacks or slings, must be registered and badged to be admitted to the expo hall. Children under 18 are not permitted on the expo floor during move-in and move-out.

    Exhibitors can earn up to three (3) priority points per year by way of (1) exhibiting; (2) booking rooms within the NADA housing block; (3) participating as a sponsor.