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Virtual Show FAQs

NADA Show 2021 is going virtual, Tuesday, Feb. 9 through Thursday, Feb. 11. We’re excited for the opportunity to showcase our keynote speakers, franchise meetings, NADA Expo and over 60 workshops in a new way!

Download the complete A-Z Guide to NADA Show 2021 for an in-depth glossary of all the terms, sections and sessions associated with this year's virtual Show.

Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below for answers to some of our most common Show inquiries.


We will be hosting a virtual NADA Expo. For questions regarding your booth or exhibitor registration, visit the Expo information page , or contact .

Select the Expo tile from the Main Lobby or Top Navigation Menu. Now, you can view the exhibitors and select which booths you want to visit.

On the Exhibitor page, you can select to filter by exhibitor type and category (i.e. First-time exhibitors, Digital Retailing, Sponsors and those that Operate in International Markets.) You can also search for exhibitors in the Search field at the top of the Exhibitor page.

NADA is excited to have 240+ companies participating in the NADA Virtual Show.


Each exhibitor has the ability to list their information in many ways. Exhibitors can list their company info, logos, Website link, Social media handles, Product categories, Featured videos and set up Live chat. Meet one-on-one with attendees through Network Now, by clicking the “Schedule a Meeting” on their booth page.

Attendees can also leave their information to tell the exhibitor they are interested in getting more information by clicking the “Drop a Business Card” button in the exhibitor booth.

On the Exhibitor page, click on the exhibitor you would like to connect with to be taken to their virtual booth. There are 2 ways to connect:

  1. Chat with them on the left sidebar chat box.
  2. Click on "schedule a meeting" which will bring you to Network Now and where you can schedule a meeting.

Select the exhibitor you want to connect with on the Exhibitor page, select "schedule a meeting".

View the full schedule here .

The Expo is open for viewing throughout the Show starting on February 4. However, exhibit booths are staffed during the below hours and there are also exclusive Expo hours (no competing events and more staff in the booth during exclusive expo hours):

  • Feb 9: 11:00am – 6:00pm; Exclusive Expo Hours: 2:30 – 3:30pm, EST
  • Feb 10: 11:00am – 6:00pm; Exclusive Expo Hours: 2:30 – 3:30pm, EST
  • Feb 11: 11:00am – 5:00pm; Exclusive Expo Hours: 2:30 – 3:30pm, EST

NADA Pavilion is a one stop shop for all NADA offerings. The sections within the NADA Pavilion include:

  • 20 Group
  • Academy
  • Insurance
  • Membership
  • NADA Foundation
  • NADA Retirement
  • Professional Series
  • Regulatory and Legislative
  • Tailored Training

The first-time exhibitor section highlights the exhibit tiles of first-time exhibitors to the NADA Show. You can find this section in the main Expo lobby of the platform.

Many exhibitors were encouraged to offer “show specials” or discounts, promotions during the expo to virtual attendees only. You can find the show specials by sorting by “show specials” on the main exhibitor page. There is a orange star in the top left hand corner of the exhibitor tile if the company is offering a show special.

Exhibitors can share their own product demos on-demand at the Show. Feature highlights, informative descriptions and testimonials about exhibitors products and services. You can located demos in the expo hall by selecting the “Expo” tile in the main lobby or the “Expo” tab drop-down at the top of the page.

Yes, the auction will take place live at 3pm EST on Wednesday, February 10. To make a bid or donation, you may do so by clicking this tile, which will open another window on the Adesa auction page. This is also where you will go to join the auction live as well.

Franchise Meetings

Franchise meetings will offer the chance to learn the latest updates and changes happening with various franchises and within the auto industry. OEMs will conduct a 30 minute presentation, followed by 30 minute live Q&A. Attendees will be able to ask questions directly to automakers about your dealership's concerns during the Q&A session.

Attendees can navigate to the Franchise Meetings by selecting the “Franchise Meeting” tile in the Lobby or the “Sessions” tab in the top Navigation of the main lobby. Sessions can be filtered by date. There is also a generic search function if you want to type a certain franchise to find it quickly.

All attendees will receive a confirmation email with all franchise meeting access codes the week prior to the Show as well as the day of the meeting. On the landing page, select "Franchise Meetings" and enter the code to acess.

There will be a Q&A box featured next to the player window where you can type in questions.

No, all Franchise Meetings are live and available for viewing during their scheduled date/time. They will not be recorded and made available afterwards. All attendees must be login and watch each desired session live. Please refer to the Franchise Meeting schedule within the platform and online.

Only U.S. Dealers and Managers have access to the Franchise Meetings.

Live Stage

Live Stage is hosted by Maggie Clark and Madison Alexander and features new segments featured on the hour, every hour of the Show. Segments feature interviews, panel discussions with renowned speakers, OEMS execs and other industry experts.

The Live Stage video player is located in the center of the NADA Show main lobby, where content is played every hour on the hour during the hours of the live Show. The on demand content for Live Stage is located under the “Session” tab on the top navigation bar to watch previously played sessions.

Main Stage

Main Stage are general sessions featuring keynote speakers scheduled daily at 11am and 3:30pm EST, February 9-11. View the Main Stage schedule here .

Main Stage can be accessed through the “Sessions” tab at the top Navigation and through the “Main Stage” tile from the main lobby. You have the ability to filter Main Stage schedule by date.

Networking at the Show

When you log-into the NADA 2021 Virtual Show you will enter at the Main Lobby. From there you will need to head to the navigation bar at the top of the page and hover over “NETWORKING”, a drop down will appear, and you will see Network Now. Click on it and another window will open. You will enter into the Network Now lobby.

You can also access by clicking on "Networking & Receptions" tile from the Main Lobby and then click on "Network Now" tile to enter the Network Now lobby.

As long as you are a registered attendee and opted-in to be apart of Network Now during the registration process you will be automatically logged in when you click into the networking platform.

When you login for the 1st time, we already have your profile set up with basic information collected at registration (FirstName / LastName / CompanyName). In order for you to get the most out of this event and connect with the other attendees and exhibitors, your profile will need to reflect your true interests and the solutions you're interested in during the event. To update your profile, click on the “profile” icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Make sure your headline and summary are updated.

  1. Start in the Lobby – at the top of that page there is a navigation bar hover over “NETWORKING”
  2. Select “NETWORK NOW” from that drop down
  3. You will immediately be greeted with a video/instructions on how to access Network Now

Yes, Pre-Event days are February 4-8, 2021. You will be able to log-in, access your account and start getting familiar with the platform (pro-tip: set up your profile first).

During this time, you will be able to make connections, chat and set up meetings for event days. Attendees and exhibitors will be able to host meetings February 6-12.

No, there is no fee to use the Network Now networking and matchmaking feature.

On the Network Now page; select "My Profile."

Click here for an instructional video.

In order to connect at the times that work best for you, you will need to update your calendar availability. When anyone schedules a meeting, both the meeting requestor and recipient(s) calendars are observed to suggest times that are available for all parties. Setting you schedule will help avoid overlaps with your sessions and meetings.

The rooms are available 7 AM - 7 PM {EST} from February 6 - 12. You can schedule a meeting for an available time slot and up to {50} people can join.

  • Click here for an instructional video on how to set up meetings. Attendees can set up 25 meetings, with the exception of Allied Industry attendees who are not allowed to set-up meetings.
  • View list of attendees and select attendees you want to connect with by selecting "I'm interested". n other networking areas (i.e. International Lounge) a list of attendees will show on the left side of the screen.
  • Meetings will last as long as there are still people in the meeting.
  • If the set length of the meeting is exceeded, it will remain active until all leave the meeting at which time it is no longer available.
  • Up until the set end time, if you start a meeting and all people leave it with time left on the meeting, you can resume it as long as you resume the meeting before the set end time.
  • If you resume a chat before the end time, the point above about exceeding the time set will apply.
  • To set up a networking meeting or chat of up to {50 People}, you will need to send a meeting request to one contact. Once the meeting or chat is accepted, the Virtual Meeting Room button will appear, and be clickable 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting. Once one of the two people in the scheduled meeting joins, that person can go into the upper left corner of the video window and select the icon that also shows the number of people in the room. There you will find a shareable link to the meeting. Then advise all who you want to attend of the link to enter or click to get into the meeting. You can also control whether the room is locked/private.

To access networking session, click on "Networking & Reception" tile, then "Receptions and Happy Hours" tile, select happy hour of choice. A separate tab will open, click on "Join Zoom Meeting" and you will join reception in Zoom.

Attendees can discuss the latest industry topics in NADA Show chat rooms. These will feature 10 Industry Topics:

  • Parts Operations
  • Service Operations
  • New Vehicle Operations
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Operations
  • F&I
  • Digital Retailing
  • Collision Center
  • Legislative/Regulatory
  • NextGen
  • Academy Alumni

These can be accessed under “Networking” tab at the top of the page or from “Networking & Receptions” tile in main lobby, then under “Group Chat on Industry Topics”.

  • Access to chat are strictly for dealers and managers.
  • NADA facilitators will be monitoring the chat and also asking questions to keep the conversation going.
  • This chat discussion is very similar to an online topical discussion board.
  • Chat is turned on during show days, February 4-11

International attendees have exclusive access to the International Lounge where they can interact with other International attendees and participate in topic discussions. The five topics are:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Zero Emission Vehicle and Government Response
  • Covid Recovery
  • Consumer Trends during Covid
  • Association Benefits

International attendees can access the International Lounge through the “Networking & Receptions Lobby” from the main lobby page. Then, click “Connect with International Attendees” tile. You can also access from the top navigation bar under “Networking”, and then “Connect with International Attendees”.

  • Access to chat are strictly for international attendees.
  • NADA facilitators will be monitoring the chat and also asking questions to keep the conversation going.
  • This chat discussion is very similar to an online topical discussion board.
  • Chat is turned on during show days, February 4-11.

NADA PAC members can connect via live chat and zoom in the virtual NADA PAC suite. Access the page is available by selecting the “Networking & Receptions” tile from the main lobby and then click “Connect with NADA PAC Attendees”. Attendees can also get to the lounge from the top navigation by clicking “Connect with NADA PAC Attendees” tab under the “Networking” drop-down tab on the top of the page

  • Access to chat are strictly for dealers and managers.
  • NADA facilitators will be monitoring the chat and also asking questions to keep the conversation going.
  • This chat discussion is very similar to an online topical discussion board.
  • Chat is turned on during show days, February 4-11.


If you are currently registered for the NADA Show 2021 and wish to attend the virtual Show, you do not need to do anything. Your registration will automatically be transferred to the virtual Show and a refund will be sent for the difference in price.

If you do not wish to attend the NADA Show virtually, you can request a refund by following the instructions that were sent by email at 12:00pm EST on October 12 th . Cancellation requests can be made up until October 16, 2020 . Refund requests received by NADA after that date will not be made. Please allow 7-14 business days for refunds to be processed.

Please note there is no guest category for the virtual Show. If you registered a guest for the onsite Show, the guest registration will be canceled and refunded.

If you made your reservation within the NADA block through the NADA Registration and Housing site, you do not need to do anything. Your reservation will automatically be canceled. If you made hotel reservations on your own, you will need to contact your hotel to cancel your reservation.

The quickest way to register is by doing so online . By booking through our online registration provider, you'll receive confirmation of your transaction in just minutes.

On event page under "Log-In" enter email address and confirmation id.

Registration ID can be found on your confirmation email. If you cannot find your confirmation email click on "Forgot Confirmation ID?" button.

Email or call 800.527.1423.

Dealer/Manager Member Rate: $199

Dealer/Manager Non-member Rate: $399

International Member Affiliate: $199

International Non-Affiliate: $399

Allied Industry Rate: $399

  • ATTENDEES – February 4 attendees will have access to all pages includes workshops listings, franchise meeting lists, expo booth listings, help desk, networking and receptions lobby listings, Network Now profile build and setting up meetings, etc.
  • NETWORK NOW MEETINGS – Attendees and exhibitors can begin hosting meetings in Network Now on February 6. Network Now will shut down on February 12.
  • ON DEMAND CONTENT – All content that is labeled on demand (some workshops and distinguished speaker series) will launch at 11am ET on February 9.
  • SHOW IS LIVE – February 9 – 11 – see schedule online for full details.
  • SITE ACTIVE – Through April 11 to all attendees and exhibitors to view all on demand content, expo booths etc. Chat, Network Now and Franchise meetings will turned off after the close of the show on February 12.

Visit the "Know Before you Join" document here .

Please email for technical support.

Click on the tiles in the Main Lobby or the drop-down menus located at the top of the pages.

You may select your preferred time zone from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the navigation bar.

Click on the Help & Info Desk tab in top navigation and select "Help Desk" in drop-down menu.

Dealerships, save $50 per attendee when you register a group of 10 or more for this year's Show.

Show Schedule

  • Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 11am – 6pm
  • Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 11am – 6pm
  • Thursday, February 11, 2021, 11am – 5:30pm

A full schedule will be available in the coming weeks.

  • ATTENDEES – February 4 attendees will have access to all pages includes workshops listings, franchise meeting lists, expo booth listings, help desk, networking and receptions lobby listings, Network Now profile build and setting up meetings, etc.


Click on the sessions tab in top navigation, then "Full Schedule" in drop-down menu.

There is an ADD TO CALENDAR button under all the sessions within the site. NETWORK NOW allows an individuals to build out their respective calendars for networking as well.

On the schedule page, there will be a list of Live (aka "Watch Now") sessions and On-Demand. This is where you can add sessions to your calendar.

Click on Sessions tab in Top Navigation, then "Speakers" in drop-down menu.

No. Just like our in-person Show, you can choose what events you want to attend. Head over to the virtual Expo hall, attend a workshop session, or take part in the virtual exchange. You will also have access to on-demand content at any time during the three days of the Show.

Social Media and Contests

You can see all the social feeds for the NADA Virtual Show in the platform under the Social Media tab on the top navigation bar.

NADA dealers have the chance to submit videos of their favorite collector cars prior to the show. Attendees then view the videos and vote for their favorite. The winning video will be announced at the show, with a cash prize going to a deserving charity.

They can do so here . The deadline to submit was January 8. Voting will take place on the platform. You can access the collector car garage off the main lobby page. Once an attendee clicks the VOTE button under each video, the VOTE button will gray out and stay grayed out throughout the show to note the attendees vote.

Click on Social Media & Games on Top Navigation then "Prize Zone" for rules and how to enter.

Badges and Prizes

  • Super Fan Badge - One (1) free Dealer/Manager registration to the NADA Show 2022 and complimentary 4 nights at Wynn Las Vegas
  • Name-dropper - $500 gift card
  • Social Butterfly Badge - $500 gift card
  • Exhibitor Explorer Badge - $500 gift card

Virtual Show Setup

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we remained optimistic and hopeful that we would be able to gather in person in New Orleans for NADA Show 2021. But the coronavirus has been persistent, a second wave is predicted to coincide with flu season, and, as things stand, public health controls remain too restrictive to allow the Show to go forward in person. Recognizing these realities, we are transitioning to a virtual Show. Read more .


Yes, most education sessions will be recorded. Once a session has aired, you may access the on-demand recording by clicking "watch now" in the schedule. On-demand session recordings will be available to registered attendees until April 11, 2021.

Under the Main Lobby you will find a button that says Workshops and Exchange. You can also filter to theses sessions under the Full Schedule (found under the Sessions in the Navigator drop down).

  • In the workshops, there is an area on the right side of the screen where you can either ask a question or select "chat" to live chat with other attendees.
  • In the Virtual Exchange, it is set up similar to a zoom meeting. You can chat with other attendees or select "Group Chat on Industry Topics" in the Networking tab on the top navigation bar.

Each day will feature five separate discussion groups on hot topics:

  • Attracting and Hiring Technicians
  • Create a Culture of High-Performing Teams
  • Growing Service Retention
  • Digital Advertising that Connects with Consumers
  • Tips to Reduce Dealerships Expenses

Once you click the Exchange session, select your breakout hot topic and a separate window tab will open and drop you into a zoom session. A NADA facilitator will be in each exchange breakout zoom room and will be keeping the conversation going by asking key questions related to the topic.

Go to Session Resources under the specific session page and on the left hand side you will find a list of handouts you can download

All Main Stage sessions and 30 selected Workshop sessions will be available with translated closed captions in Spanish and Portuguese. Additional sessions will be offered with translated captions in Chinese (Mandarin). To view the translation captions select the language desired in the drop-down menu located on each session page and then select the “CC” Closed Captioning icon in the bottom righthand corner of the player window to display.

Yes, all Main Stage sessions and workshop sessions will be available with English Closed Captioning. To view select English from the drop-down menu located on each session page and then select the “CC” Closed Captioning icon in the bottom righthand corner of the player window to display.

All workshops and main stage sessions are available immediately following their scheduled date/time. Attendees will be able to view the sessions until April 11, 2021.

  • Fixed Operations
  • Human Capital
  • Leadership
  • Legal and Regulatory
  • Marketing
  • Variable Ops
  • Digital Super Track
  • Super Session
  • ATD Marketing

Distinguished Speaker Series sessions feature renowned subject matter experts that discuss key topics such as leadership, dealership culture, team building and personal business success. All Distinguished Speaker Series is on demand and available in the platform on 2/9 for viewing. To access the Distinguished speaker Series, click on the “Distinguished Speaker Series” tile from the main lobby. All sessions are in alpha order and available to watch on demandS

Evaluations are located on the session page in the platform for each session title.

Following the show, an email will be sent to attendees to access the CEU site. There they can claim their credits, complete evaluations and download their CEU Certificate or Certificate of Attendance

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting proposals for NADA Show 2021. The speaker selection process for NADA Show 2021 has been finalized. Please check back after the Show for the call for speakers for NADA Show 2022.