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Exhibitor FAQs

If you are not a current exhibitor in NADA Show 2021 and would like to purchase a virtual booth in the virtual NADA Show, please click here for more information.

Yes!  All current exhibitors in the live NADA Show in New Orleans will automatically pivot to a virtual exhibitor at a Silver Level for $3,400.  Please see the current Contract Terms & Conditions,  Section 5. Refunds; 5.5 regarding Show Cancellation before live event date.

The Virtual NADA Show 2021 offers four exhibitor booth levels:

Silver Level $3,400
Gold Level $7,500 
Platinum Level$15,000 
Diamond Level $25,000 

Please click here for an overview of what is included in each individual booth level.


Current exhibitors will automatically transfer over to the Silver booth level for $3,400.  Remaining monies previously paid will be fully refunded.  Alternatively, exhibitors can choose to use existing funds to upgrade their booth level and/or purchase a sponsorship opportunity.

Exhibitors who canceled prior to the show pivoting to virtual will receive a refund of the cancel fees in the original form of payment.

Hotel Reservations made within the NADA Block through our housing partner, Experient, will be cancelled automatically without penalty.  You will receive an email once the cancellation has been made.  

If you did not book your rooms through Experient, you will need to contact your hotel directly to cancel reservations.

Exhibitor Registrations will be determined by the virtual booth level purchased.  The new virtual format also offers a set number of meetings for each company rep.

Silver  Four Exhibitor Representatives - with 5 meetings per Representative
Gold Ten Exhibitor Representatives - with 10 meetings per Representative
Platinum  Twelve Exhibitor Representatives - with 15 meetings per Representative
Diamond Fifteen Exhibitor Representatives - with 20 meetings per Representative

Additional exhibitor registrations may be purchased if needed.

Booth representatives may attend education sessions at no charge.

Exhibitors can earn up to three (3) priority points for the Virtual NADA Show 2021 by way of (1) virtual booth platform; (2) offering a Show Special exclusive to the three-day event only; (3) participating as a sponsor.