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Network Now

Network Now

Network Now is the new matchmaking tool that will allow you to connect and meet with fellow attendees and exhibitors at the virtual Show. 

Here’s How it Works:
  • Setting Up Profiles - Once the NADA Show platform is open, attendees can sign in using registration credentials and set-up their profiles.
  • Before the Show – Before the Show kicks off, attendees will be able to begin engaging with fellow attendees and exhibitors, beginning February 4-8. Pre-event meeting scheduling allows attendees to get a jump on planning who they want to connect with, both at the Show and the Expo.
  • During the Show – Once the Show kicks off, February 9-11, you’ll get personalized networking recommendations based on your profile selections. You’ll also be able to schedule meetings and keep the conversation flowing with industry peers through the chat and messaging function and link your social media accounts (if you like).
  • After the Show - Network Now ends February 12, but you’ll be able to continue your conversations and connections by linking to your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts to keep things going. 
Frequently Asked Networking Questions

Q: How do I access Network Now?

A: Registered attendees may access the networking tool by logging in with registration credentials starting February 4, 2021.

Q: Will Network Now be available before the Show?

A: Yes, Pre-Show days are February 4-8, 2021, when you’ll be able to log-in and access your account.

Pro Tip: Set up your profile before the Show to enhance your Show experience.

Q: How long will Network Now be available once NADA Show 2021 ends?

A: You can access Network Now until February 12. 

Pro Tip: Link your social media accounts so you can carry your new connections over after the Show.

Q: Is there a fee required for Network Now?

A: No, Network Now access is complimentary with your NADA Show registration.

Q: Why do I need to edit my profile when I access Network Now?

A: When you login for the first time, your profile will display only the basic information collected at registration (First Name, Last Name, Company Name). In order to connect you with the most relevant leads, your profile will need to be optimized to select your interests and which solutions you’re interested in during the event. To access your profile, click on the “profile” icon in the top righthand corner of the screen and update your Headline and Summary.

Q: Why do I need to update my availability in Network Now?

A: In order to connect at the times that work best for you, update your calendar availability. When anyone schedules a meeting, both meeting requestor and recipient(s) calendars are observed to suggest times that are available for both parties and helps you avoid overlaps with your sessions and meetings.

Q: What time zone are meetings scheduled in?

A: Eastern Standard Time