NADA Show | NADA Show Booth Types and Exhibit Design Regulations
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Exhibit Design

NADA has developed these Exhibit Design Regulations in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the International Association of Exhibition & Events, in order to provide a fair and consistent environment for all participating exhibitors. It is the primary goal of NADA to have an attractive and successful event for all, and for all exhibitors to have the opportunity to present products and/or services in the most effective manner possible.  

Each exhibitor is entitled to reasonable sight lines from the aisle regardless of the size of exhibit. By completing the online Booth Space Application, NADA expects each exhibitor to be in full compliance with these regulations, and reserves the right to enforce any of the guidelines outlined in the following documents.

Please be sure to pass along these regulations to your display company, if you have one, before the construction of your booth begins. It will save your company time and money if you build your booth to be in compliance from the beginning.  Large fees can accrue if you are required to alter any unapproved designs onsite.

Note that NADA does not give variances to the Exhibit Design Regulations. It is expected that each exhibitor reviews the regulations and is in full compliance. If your company fails to comply, participation at future NADA Shows may be in jeopardy.

The five basic booth configurations are described below:

10'x10' in-line booth or multiples (10'x20', 10'x30', etc) in a vertical direction
20'x20' minimum, 2 corners required, 3 open sides
20'x20' minimum, 4 corners required, 4 open sides
Split Island
20'x20' minimum, 2 corners required, 3 open sides, backs to another Peninsula booth
10'x10' in-line booth or multiples (10'x20', 10'x30', etc) backed to a wall of the exhibit facility