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Expo Floor Move-In

Work rules and customs vary from one city to another. As the Official Services Contractor, Freeman has the responsibility for material handling, electrical, all suspended rigging and booth cleaning services.  Below is information that we hope will assist you in planning for the Las Vegas event. Labor rates will be available in late August.

Labor Source

As an exhibitor, you may choose to utilize your own personnel to set-up and dismantle your exhibit.  If full-time company personnel are utilized to set an exhibit, they should carry positive company identification, such as a medical identification card or payroll stub. If you need to secure Freeman Labor, labor can be ordered in advance by returning the Display Labor order form or on show site, at the Freeman Service Desk.

Material Handling

Exhibitors may "hand-carry" material into the convention center.  Hand carry is defined as small items such as cartons and packages that an exhibitor is able to carry.  Any mechanical assistance is limited to a small dolly.  The assistance of any motorized device or pallet jack is not permitted.  When exhibitors choose to "hand carry" they may not access designed material handling areas.  They must use specified exhibitor hand carry areas or the main entrance of the facility.   Freeman will control access to the loading docks in order to provide for a safe and orderly move in/out.


The following work may be performed by the exhibitor's full-time company employees with positive identification such as a medical card or payroll stub buy may not be performed by your Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC).

  • Plug in equipment into any 20A/120VAC receptacle
  • May hang up to four small clip-on lights per booth
  • May connect modems, printers, computers and keyboards, test and tune their own equipment, and run their own communications cable between machines in the same booth above the booth carpet
  • Mounting of monitors (to include plasma screens, LCD & CRT) and the installation of hanging brackets.