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NADA Show Education

At NADA Show 2022, attendees can learn the latest strategies and emerging trends on more than 75 topics and and at 100-plusworkshop and education sessions.

NADA Show education is multifaceted, interactive and customizable — by subject track, and by catering to each attendee’s preferred learning style. By tackling the big issues strategically, NADA Show offers dealers a fresh perspective and real-world solutions. Discover new, profit-generating ideas and ways to develop your team, while connecting with new contacts and old friends in Las Vegas!

Check out the full workshop schedule.

Choose a dealership department below to learn more about NADA Show educational sessions in each category:

Lively and engaging sessions, led by experienced NADA subject matter experts and other top industry professionals.   

The very first educational event of NADA Show 2022! Join us for a deep dive into a topic that is top-of-mind for dealers today: electric vehicles (EVs).  

Peer-to-peer table discussions feature brainstorming and problem-solving facilitated by an NADA subject matter expert. NADA Show attendees choose Exchange session topics at registration.


Five dynamic keynote speakers go beyond the traditional workshop tracks to discuss hot topics, including leadership, motivation and team building. 


Debuting at NADA Show 2022, the Dealer Learning Lab will offer 20-minute, TED-style talks from our presenters in a casual setting on the expo floor.



2022 Business_Essentials_icon_126x126

Identify the most vital information impacting your operations and the latest innovations crucial to the continued success of your organization.



2022 Fixed_ops_icon_103x103

Improve performance and profitability in your service and parts departments, including the body shop. 


2022 HR_icon_129x77

Discover proven strategies on hiring and retaining stellar staff, improving dealership culture, and building diversity and inclusion. 


2022 Leadership_icon_106x127

Learn how to train and nurture team leaders who will take your business to the next level.  


2022 Marketing_icon_111x84

Learn the most up-to-date digital and traditional marketing strategies for the entire dealership.


2022 VariableOps_icon_128x107

Optimize vehicle inventory management to help improve new and pre-owned sales and gross, including F&I, and increase dealership profitability. 


2022 Digital-Super-track_icon_175x102

Maximize your digital presence and boost online transactions in the increasingly complex world of digital retailing.