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Understanding Call for Speakers Proposals

***Please Note: The 2022 Call for Speakers is now closed.***

Need more information on how to craft your 2022 NADA Show workshop proposal? 

Review examples of past proposal summary submissions that were selected to become actual workshops at NADA Show. In each video, there are three important components that make a good submission:

  1. An energetic, engaging workshop description 
  2. An outline of critical workshop takeaways (what attendees will learn)
  3. An original video submission for NADA Show 2022 or ATD Show 2022 (not a generic proposal for any event)

Proposal Examples

1. Redesign Your People Strategy to Improve CX and Drive Profit

2. An In-depth Playbook for SEO in 2021

3. Website Design Mistakes That Cost You Customers

NADA Show 2022 Proposed Topics

For next year’s Show, we’re seeking education session proposals on the following topics for each of our workshop tracks:

Fixed Operations

Improve performance and profitability in your parts and service departments, including the body shop.

  • Digital Tools for the Service Departments
  • Video Multipoint Inspections
  • Service Advisor Processes
  • Electrical Vehicle Requirements for Service
  • Body Show Profitability in a DRP World
  • Parts and Service Department Collaboration 
  • COVID Customer Service Initiatives in a Post Pandemic World

Human Capital

Get proven strategies on talent recruitment and management, improving dealership culture and building diversity and inclusion to help you find, hire and retain the stellar talent that will drive your business’ success.

  • The Future of Your Dealership:  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Orientation and On-boarding for Success
  • Hire and Retain Service Technicians
  • Employee Work Life Balance Solutions
  • Remote Work Dealership Possibilities
  • Reducing Turnover, Hires that Stick


Develop confident and competent leaders in your organization by supporting growth from the inside out. Get the tools to train and nurture team leaders who will take your business to the next level.

  • Crisis Management and Recovery
  • Developing a Rock-Solid Succession Plan
  • Leading Through a Pandemic and Beyond
  • Championship Coaching
  • Managing the New Generation of Employees


Learn the most up-to-date marketing strategies to find and connect with new customers, build your dealership’s brand, encourage repeat business and stay ahead of the competition.

  • Dealership Online Reputation: How do we Protect and Defend It?
  • Digital Marketing and the Impact on Your Overall Business
  • Digital Marketing for Fixed Operations
  • Getting the Most out of Your Marketing and Marketing Vendors
  • SEO/SEM Information for Dealerships

Variable Operations

Optimize vehicle inventory management in order to improve new and pre-owned sales and gross, including F&I, and increase overall dealership profitability.

  • Managing Your New-car Inventory in an Era of Scarcity
  • Alternative Supply Pipelines for Used Vehicles
  • Preowned Inventory
  • Online Sales
  • Protecting Against OEMs Selling EVs Direct
  • Today's Compensation Plans: Do They Work For Us or Against Us?
  • Selling EVs: Overcoming Objections and Sharing Best Practices

Digital Super Track

This track is laser focused on the complex world of digital retailing to help dealers maximize their digital presence and online transactions. Learn to navigate the constantly changing world of digital marketing for dealerships.

  • Connecting Digital Touch Points for a Seamless Sale
  • Leverage Social Media
  • Using Collected Data for Your Benefit
  • Apply Pandemic Lessons to Digital
  • Analyzing Your Digital Presence

Business Essentials & Innovations

Identify the latest information that is of vital importance to your operations and innovations that are crucial to the continuing success of your organization.

  • Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Issues Affecting Dealerships
  • Cyber Security and Your Dealership
  • Building a Stronger Relationship with Your OEM  
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the Automotive Industry
  • How Dealerships Can Adapt to Disruptive Waves of Change
  • How to Build Successful Partnerships Between Auto and Tech Companies
  • Buying Cars with Cryptocurrencies

ATD Show 2022 Proposed Topics

The 2022 ATD Show will host its own education sessions, with many topics curated especially for commercial truck dealers.

  • Improving Gross Profit Through Pricing Strategies
  • Increasing Your Return on Assets by Managing Inventories
  • Impact of Efficient Personnel on Gross Profits
  • How to Take My Parts Operations to Best-of-Class Numbers
  • Finding Techs After Exhausting Local Resources
  • Creating Your Dealership's Behavior Profile
  • Cross-training Department Employees
  • Developing an Internal Workplace Employee Bench “Next One Up” Mentality
  • Marketing Trucks in a Cyclical Environment
  • How to Grow F&I Including Service Contracts
  • Managing Truck Inventory During Long Lead Times
  • Managing My Frozen Assets: Turning Them to Cash
  • Understanding How to Develop and Maximize Digital Marketing as a Commercial Truck Dealer

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